Biohazard Specimen Bags
A common type of reclosable medical bag.
  • Thickness: 2-mil 
  • Available in 3-ply and 4-ply.
  • Outer pouch keeps paperwork separate and dry.
  • Pre-printed biohazard symbol.
  • Check boxes for effective processing.

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40596 x 9 Bio Bags 3-ply - 1000/Case
40956 x 9 Bio Bags 4-ply - 1000/Case
40978 x 10 Bio Bags 4-ply - 1000/Case
40608 x 10 Bio Bags 3-ply - 1000/Case
409912 x 15 Bio Bags 4-ply - 1000/Case
406112 x 15 Bio Bags 3-ply - 1000/Case
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Biohazard Specimen Bags